Travel Medicine Services

Ideally, make an appointment one month before departure, if possible, as certain vaccines need to be taken over a 3 week period – e.g. Hepatitis B  and Rabies – although all other vaccines are on a one-off basis only, and full protection is usually after 10-14 days. Serious side effects are very rare. The vaccine injections are generally painless. When available, an Anti-Flu vaccine can prove to be very cost effective!


The most common medications prescribed are antimalarials. There is a choice of medication. Factors such as time of the year, duration of stay, and areas of the countries to be visited are all some of the factors to be discussed with the individual traveller. Just as for vaccines, factors such as pregnancy, infancy, presence of chronic illness or immune suppression also need to be taken into account for the individual traveller.


Any required medications, including Insect repellents, will be discussed. We have a once off mosquito repellent which, when sprayed on clothes gives 3 months protection in spite of repeated washing. Our standard Travel consultation fee will be a maximum of 25% above the average Medical Aid tariff. Unfortunately most medical aids do not cover travel vaccines and consultations.

I look forward to being of service to you.